Debt Ceiling Debate

Small business owners across the nation are nervous and on edge about the debt ceiling debate going on in Washington. If the borrowing ceiling is not lifted, that could cause a lot of small business owners to shut their doors. It is a battle to try to reduce the deficit long-term and keep enough revenue flowing for survival.

Some business owners have put hiring to a freeze. If an agreement is not reached soon, an economic crisis will arise. The results would cause a delay in Social Security payments, high interest rates on credit, and possibly a default in loans by the federal government.

I remember a while ago when the financial crisis caused the banks to tighten up issuing credit to small business owners. Some businesses had to close and a lot of others have never recovered. What’s going on now is very risky and the outcome could cause a national devastation. Let’s hope and pray that the government makes a wise decision soon! USA


The Debt Ceiling Debate is over. Check out the link below to find out how your business can survive in any economic crisis.


15 Ways to Grow Your Business in Every Economy

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