Conference Call Mastery***

It doesn’t matter how often you speak on conference calls, a simple reminder of the do’s and don’ts can assist you with your next conference call. These proven tips will eliminate annoyances and help you convey the professionalism you desire. Below is a list of common guidelines to follow when conducting a conference call. Take a look: 

What To Do On A Conference Call

  • Be punctual and arrive before the conference call begins.
  • If others are early, have them say hello and introduce themselves. You may never meet in person, but it is a good relationship builder and gets the shyest people to at least say a few words.
  • If you have a special or important guest on the line, invite them to say a couple of words before the conference begins. It benefits you and gets the attention of your audience.
  • Be well prepared on the subject matter you will be discussing.
  • Before you start the conference call, introduce yourself to your audience. Make sure the phone you are using has no static. You want your audience to hear you clearly without any background noise or interferences.
  • Know your devices. If you are using a speakerphone, be familiar with what buttons to push and when. Know how the mute button works and test it out. If you are using a headset, become accustomed to it before doing your first conference call. Adjust your microphone volume and speak clearly into it.
  • When giving a phone number or web address, speak slowly and repeat if necessary. Be aware of the time allotted for the conference call and allow for questions at the end of your presentation.
  • Since your participants cannot see your expressions, try your best to express yourself in verbal terms. Introduce yourself with a smile and warm your audience with a friendly and enthusiastic voice. Close the conference by formally and gracefully thanking everyone for their time.

 What Not To Do On A Conference Call

  • Do not make a mistake and put your conference on the hold. The music will start to play and cause a disturbance. Instead, use your mute button.
  • Do not use a cell phone. The only exception is, if you are inside a car and everyone knows you are conducting the call on the road.
  •  Do not pencil tap or shuffle papers. No one likes to hear excess noise.
  • Do not get off topic by rambling on with unnecessary talk. Stay on point.
  • No eating or chewing gum. If you must take a sip of water, put your call on mute.

That’s about it. I would suggest sitting in a comfortable and non-squeaky chair; not one made of leather. The smallest of movements will be heard. 

A conference call has its own etiquette rules. Remaining professional, courteous, and insightful on all conference calls leads to a future of productive communications and purposeful relationships.


Glenda Coker

Network Marketing Professional

Conference Call Mastery*

Conference Call Mastery**


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