The Network Marketer’s Formula of F.O.R.M.

The F.O.R.M. formula is a very important method in the network marketing industry. We as marketers should incorporate this formula whenever we are meeting new prospects. Making a sale should not be our main focus. Sales will come, but we should get in the habit of building relationships. Many Joint Ventures (JV’s) and business partnerships have been started through meeting people and generally conversing using the F.O.R. M. method.




  • F – FAMILY

Ask questions to find out where the person lives, if they are married, single, divorced and /or have
children. Everyone likes to talk about their families. Take the time to listen and relate to the

  • O – Occupation

What occupation is the person currently involved in? How long and what brought them
to thinking about making a financial change? Ask them, “What has moved you to make this change in your life right now?” Find out their WHY.

  • R – Recreation

What activities does the person like to do in their spare time? Do they have any hobbies and / or interests to share? Have they done any traveling and where?

  • M – Motivation

Ask them this question, “If money wasn’t an object, what would you love to do even if you were not paid?”

 When I meet someone in the industry for the first time, unconsciously this method is implemented. That’s because I really care and want to know more about that person. It does not matter if they join my business. As I stated above, sales will come.

Network marketing is a people business. Everyone has their own story to tell. Many lives have been greatly impacted just from greeting people and sharing life messages. People relate to others better when stories are shared. Also, try to implement the F.O.R.M. method outside of network marketing. With a little deviation, you can use this method in everyday encounters.


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