Are You Ready to Start A Home Based Business? – Should You Try It Out?

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”][/pullquote]These are two BIG questions but are very beneficial. Many ponder on if they want to start and maintain a home based business instead of having to wake up daily to drive only to work for someone else.

I have asked myself the same questions I will ask you down below. It is really important to be straightforward in responding to each question. Your answers will tell you if you should make that bold step and get into being your own boss or not.

The primary reason why a home based business is pondered upon may be the importance of extra revenue streams, however your reasons may be different.

Consider these issues below before making any move toward your very own home based business:

Are you genuinely comfortable with the work you’re doing at the moment?

Is there enough time in your day to accomplish the things YOU need to your satisfaction? (not what is required of you)

Can you admit to really enjoying it?

Do you think working 8 hours or more each day is adequate time spent or do you find yourself missing time spent with friends and family?

Are your children and spouse happy with the quantity of time you spend with them?

Does the company, your supervisor, or coworkers have equally as much loyalty to you as you have for them?

Are your wages sufficient enough to pay your bills on time?

How many years do you see yourself in your current position?

Are you at ease asking for time off to attend an important family occasion or simply to tackle the needs of your spouse and kids? (Examples of this involve doctor visits, a best friend’s wedding or a dance recital with your twelve-year-old, etc.)

Are you putting things off into the future because you just don’t have the chance to break away or there just isn’t enough money saved to go on that long deserved holiday getaway?

Is your long-term savings sufficient for you to retire on?

In case you answered No or Not Really to any or the majority of the above questions, you may be all set to contemplate getting into your own home based business. My guess is that you basically responded with a lot of No’s and found a few of the questions literally hit home and got you really in deep thoughts.

Setting up your own home based business is never a fairly easy job. Where will you go from here? Where does one start?

My advice to you is to get a feel of the entire thing first. If you are currently employed, don’t leave your job immediately to start a home based business. Test the waters so you don’t have any regrets later on. Ask questions, stay focused and connect with like-minded individuals who are successful at running and maintaining their own business. Feel free to sign up for my marketing email updates.

Glenda Coker

Network Marketing Professional

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