The Network Marketer’s Formula of F.O.R.M.

The F.O.R.M. formula is a very important method in the network marketing industry. We as marketers should incorporate this formula whenever we are meeting new prospects. Making a sale should not be our main focus. Sales will come, but we should get in the habit of building relationships. Many Joint Ventures (JV’s) and business partnerships have been started through meeting people and generally conversing using the F.O.R. M. method.




  • F – FAMILY

Ask questions to find out where the person lives, if they are married, single, divorced and /or have
children. Everyone likes to talk about their families. Take the time to listen and relate to the

  • O – Occupation

What occupation is the person currently involved in? How long and what brought them
to thinking about making a financial change? Ask them, “What has moved you to make this change in your life right now?” Find out their WHY.

  • R – Recreation

What activities does the person like to do in their spare time? Do they have any hobbies and / or interests to share? Have they done any traveling and where?

  • M – Motivation

Ask them this question, “If money wasn’t an object, what would you love to do even if you were not paid?”

 When I meet someone in the industry for the first time, unconsciously this method is implemented. That’s because I really care and want to know more about that person. It does not matter if they join my business. As I stated above, sales will come.

Network marketing is a people business. Everyone has their own story to tell. Many lives have been greatly impacted just from greeting people and sharing life messages. People relate to others better when stories are shared. Also, try to implement the F.O.R.M. method outside of network marketing. With a little deviation, you can use this method in everyday encounters.


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The Warrior Forum – Are You a Member?

The “Warrior Forum” opened it’s doors in 1997 and is stated to be the number one internet marketing forum. The members pride themselves as being “white hat”when it comes to their marketing suggestions and offers. If you should happen to purchase an offer or product, it will be reasonably priced for its content and of great quality.

You are free to browse the site, but if you want to interact by asking a question or posting a comment, you have to be a registered member. Once you sign up, you become a member and will be able to converse with others on the forum.

The sign up process is simple…

Click on the “Register” tab located on the top left of the site, read and agree to the forum rules, create a user name and password and add your email address. Enter in additional information (optional) such as referer and time zone. Finally, select if you want to receive mail from administration and or members. Scroll to the bottom, enter in the CAPTCHA information and you’re all set! Once you start to explore the site, you will begin to see the value it offers.

You can check it out here.

You may wonder why I’m writing on this topic.

The answer is simple…

I believe in sharing…

There is nothing wrong with sharing information to help anyone who is open to it. I am not an affiliate ( I don’t think they have an affiliate program) and I do not receive any sort of compensation from Warrior Forum. I am simply a member who really enjoys interacting with others. If I can help or offer assistance that helps another, I’m all in!

The forum is filled with great people who feel the same way I do and are not afraid to offer solutions to any problems you may have. I find the majority of people on the forum to be honest and not afraid to state opinions on a subject or product offer. You’ll see what I mean when you start to browse the form.

Anyway, the Warrior Forums is great to refer to when you need a boost with marketing a product or tools to help you in your marketing adventures. If you have a service you would like to market, you can upgrade your membership for a one time fee of $37. You will have access to the “War Room”, which is a private forum section. Create your own blog, social group and much more.

I don’t have a clue as to how the “Warrior Forum” name evolved, but I enjoy what this site has to offer. I also enjoyed sharing this information with you.

So, check the Warrior Forum out and join. The forum remains free, unless you decide to upgrade.

Step by Step Sign Up Instructions:

Click on the “Registration” tab located on the top left of the site.

Read and agree to the forum rules.

Create a username and password.

Enter your email address.

Enter the CAPTCHA Code.

Enter additional information (optional) i.e., referer, time zone and
if you would like to receive email from administrators and / or members.

Click “Complete Registration” tab.

Thanks for reading!

Glenda Coker


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Why aren’t people buying?

Why aren't people buying?
Why aren’t people buying?

You have a killer product. For the previous few years, you’ve made good money with it. Maybe you’ve made hundreds to a few thousands per month but now, very few are buying.


If your sales have slowed up or even halted, there’s a good reason for it. Not many people will even realize why it’s happening. You may think that someone found a better deal or that they just don’t have the money at the time. This is so far from the truth. Only a measly ten percent will fall into this category.

Well, what about the ninety percent? What’s going on with them?

The truth is…

People are skeptical and skepticism brings fear.

Yes, that’s right. They are afraid to buy. Trust has fallen at an all time low.

Let me give you an example..

Recently, I received a call from a gentleman. He left a voicemail message on my answering service. He said he had run into one of my ads and had a few questions to ask me. I returned his call, ready to assist him with his questions. What I got was a “salesman” wanting me to join his company! He had no interest in my ad and never mentioned it. As you can guess, I had no interest in what he was selling. I quickly, but nicely got off the phone with this man.

I don’t know him, and I will never get the chance to establish a relationship to find out who he really is. He pitched his opportunity as if he was at a baseball game.

Don’t do this…

It’s aggressive people like this that increases skepticism’s for the ninety percent mentioned above. Some people immediately exert negative aggression just to sell a product. They forget or don’t care to apply positive aggressions. Helping a team, blogging about closing tactics or how to talk to prospects is a good example of exerting positive aggression.

Skepticism is at an all time high. Let me explain how you can relieve some, if not all of the skepticism from a potential buyer.

You must build real relationships with people. Find out where they live, work, family life and what they like to do in their spare time. Relate and add value to everyone you meet. It may be hard to hold back on offering your opportunity, but it is crucial to build lasting and trustworthy relationships. It may seem like you’re taking the long route, but you will start attracting people to you just because they like you.

They see the good in you and that you really care about their family and their lives. Honestly, isn’t it nice to have friends? Isn’t is nice to have people around that genuinely care about you and vice-versa?

While building relationships, you must show people you are trustworthy. If you’re setting up a meeting, show up 10 to 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled meeting. You must always be honest. Do not exaggerate your earnings or your position. People are so use to getting the run-a-round.

If you just started in your business, let them know. If you have not made any money, tell your prospect you have not made any money yet, but you plan on making X amount within the next 12 months… Find out if they are open for the two of you to grow together, and take it from there. Let people know the truth and they will respect and appreciate your integrity that much more. Remember, all of this is after you have established a relationship with them.

In conclusion, be genuine when meeting people. Be generous in helping them; not financially, but in solving their problems. See what it is they are seeking and do your best to offer them your skills. Don’t limit yourself by trying to pitch your business opportunity right off the bat. There are many more ways to properly advertise. This world is filled with so many interesting people. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get to know them.

Thanks for reading!