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[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”][/pullquote]Hey there! We have reached part 3. As you see from the previous posts, there are so many ways to get yourself out there to market and brand YOU. There are countless¬† ways but doing a few and sticking with it is a key component.

Email Marketing

A few things to note here. You do not want to spam anyone. Get email address by providing opt-in forms on your sites. Give valuable offers such as an e-book with tips of maybe how they can sign people up just like you’re doing. Once signed up, you can send them continuous value and offers.

Viral Marketing

Just like video marketing, viral marketing is hot. It is not easy though. Basically, you must have a good idea that the market needs and produce it. If it has value  people will share it and your conversions increase.


With this method, you create audio files that your users download or get them through a link on your site via RSS feeds. If you don’t have a video camera or are camera-shy, this is a good way to create videos. There are a lot of successful sites that offer audio downloads to bring their users information quickly.


Blogs are a great way to reach a lot of people and in a fast manner. It take a lot of continuous work. Content should be fresh and updated several times a week. Blogs are well worth it. Again, you are helping others and branding yourself as well.

Press Releases

Press releases can be a huge way to get media attention. If your website or product is newsworthy enough, you will get noticed and your promotions will be high. You’re in business!

If you were able to go through all 3 pages, thanks for viewing.

I can’t stress it enough, focus on how you can help to solve problems. Get into the forums and communicate with your prospects and downline. Find out what issues they are having. It may be generating leads, marketing tactics or blogging. Make yourself a leader and provide those answers. Let them know you are there to help rather than sell a product or service. No need to do a sales pitch. In the long run, they will seek you out.

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