Six Important Tips to Protect Your Computer From Hackers

In the internet savvy world we live in today, you [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”][/pullquote]must be careful what you click on and download. Hackers are out here to invade your internet privacy and steal your identity.

What can the average user do to avoid the risks of computer hackers? Straight to the point, here are six important tips you can apply right away to protect your computer from being a target of invasion.

  When doing general searches on Google in the past, you were presented with a preview pane. You could hover your mouse over a link to preview the page before you clicked on it. Google has done away with it because of low usage.

1.Be cautious before clicking on a site. Notice the website address before clicking onto a link. Is it one you’ve seen before? If it is an affiliate link, does it appear legitimate? Do not be so quick to click on odd-looking links that display extra long verbiage and symbols.

2. Before you click, check out the site description. limit your clicks to customize only your relevant searches. When you type in a term or question in your search bar, Google, Yahoo and Bing will return relevant and highlighted words according to your search. If you are using search engines other than the top 3 listed above again be sure to check links and descriptions before you click.

3. Keep your firewall turned on. This helps protect your computer stored information, passwords and crashes caused by intrusive hackers.

4. Never leave your computer on all day/night and idle for too long. At the end of the day, shut it down and unplug all connections especially when hacking times are at their highest.

5. Be careful of what you download. Only download attachments from people you know and perform a scan with your anti-virus software before attempting to download.

6. Keep your system up to date by installing trusted anti-spyware. Perform regular scans to avoid or rid unwanted viruses.

So there you have it… six important tips to keep your computer safe from hackers. When you are surfing on the web, if a link doesn’t look right to you for some reason, be safe and don’t click it. Awareness is the key to keep viruses from invading, searches, files and passwords from being stolen. Practice these tips to reduce stress and increase safer web-surfing.

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The Warrior Forum – Are You a Member?

The “Warrior Forum” opened it’s doors in 1997 and is stated to be the number one internet marketing forum. The members pride themselves as being “white hat”when it comes to their marketing suggestions and offers. If you should happen to purchase an offer or product, it will be reasonably priced for its content and of great quality.

You are free to browse the site, but if you want to interact by asking a question or posting a comment, you have to be a registered member. Once you sign up, you become a member and will be able to converse with others on the forum.

The sign up process is simple…

Click on the “Register” tab located on the top left of the site, read and agree to the forum rules, create a user name and password and add your email address. Enter in additional information (optional) such as referer and time zone. Finally, select if you want to receive mail from administration and or members. Scroll to the bottom, enter in the CAPTCHA information and you’re all set! Once you start to explore the site, you will begin to see the value it offers.

You can check it out here.

You may wonder why I’m writing on this topic.

The answer is simple…

I believe in sharing…

There is nothing wrong with sharing information to help anyone who is open to it. I am not an affiliate ( I don’t think they have an affiliate program) and I do not receive any sort of compensation from Warrior Forum. I am simply a member who really enjoys interacting with others. If I can help or offer assistance that helps another, I’m all in!

The forum is filled with great people who feel the same way I do and are not afraid to offer solutions to any problems you may have. I find the majority of people on the forum to be honest and not afraid to state opinions on a subject or product offer. You’ll see what I mean when you start to browse the form.

Anyway, the Warrior Forums is great to refer to when you need a boost with marketing a product or tools to help you in your marketing adventures. If you have a service you would like to market, you can upgrade your membership for a one time fee of $37. You will have access to the “War Room”, which is a private forum section. Create your own blog, social group and much more.

I don’t have a clue as to how the “Warrior Forum” name evolved, but I enjoy what this site has to offer. I also enjoyed sharing this information with you.

So, check the Warrior Forum out and join. The forum remains free, unless you decide to upgrade.

Step by Step Sign Up Instructions:

Click on the “Registration” tab located on the top left of the site.

Read and agree to the forum rules.

Create a username and password.

Enter your email address.

Enter the CAPTCHA Code.

Enter additional information (optional) i.e., referer, time zone and
if you would like to receive email from administrators and / or members.

Click “Complete Registration” tab.

Thanks for reading!

Glenda Coker


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FTP is Easy as 123!

If you own a website and do your own updating, you will need to know some basic knowledge about using FTP software. It can certainly make jobs easier and faster for file uploading and downloading.

FTP (file transfer protocol) is a standard network that downloads and uploads files from one host to another host over a TCP-based network.

A TCP (transmission control protocol) based-network helps to transfer data and insures that no data is lost during transmission.

Both FTP and TCP play an important part in transferring files. It is necessary to learn how to download and upload files from one computer to a host computer and vice-versa (e.g., uploading a Web page file to a server).

Many people use a cPanel which all website hosting sites provide. However, for the sake of simplicity, I am going to focus solely on the FTP system. This system dates back to decades. If you do a search for an FTP client, you will notice there are plenty of free ones to choose from. I personally prefer to use “FileZilla” from Mozilla Firefox, but WinSCP and CuteFTP are good as well.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial that shows you just how to get started.

==> FileZilla

Once you get the hang of it all, FTP programs are very easy to use. In no time, you will be able to drag files back and forth, upload and / or download with ease.

Glenda Coker
Network Marketing Professional