[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”][/pullquote]Do you think profits are better than wages?What do you think is better, working for a wage or making a profit? Let’s start off by defining the words profit and wage:

Wage – Payment for labor or services to a worker, especially remuneration on an hourly, daily, weekly basis or by the piece.

Profit – An advantageous gain, return or benefit received for a commodity or service rendered in excess of the original cost.

To make a wage usually involves working for an employer. You may get an occasional raise but for the most part, your pay is fixed by the amount your superior specifies. I have worked for an employer most of my life.

In late 2008, I made the choice to become self-employed. It was rough at first. I knew nothing about internet or network marketing. It was all new to me. I worked legitimate online jobs, which enabled me to stay at home. The hours I worked were very long. I knew if I was making money with online jobs, there were other ways I could make an income without becoming someone’s employee.

I searched and searched until I found leaders in the industry, such as Mike Dillard, Cedric Harris, Brian Finale, Todd Schlomer and Norbert Orlewitz. Through these brilliant leaders, I was able to sort this whole internet and network marking thing out.I studied them, made contacts, listened to everything I could and implemented some of their strategies.

Since I have been in the industry, I have come to know Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone and David Wood …. which are all stellar leaders in the industry. Well, there is no secret that I believe having a profit is better than making a wage. A wage can give you temporary earnings. A profit can make you financially free for a lifetime.

Simply put, you can set yourself financially free by making profits instead of wages which only make your boss richer. Word of advice… “Don’t quit your job right away”. Being financially free will not happen overnight but with determination and dedication, you will be on your way to fulfilling your goal(s). If you are ready to get started on your road to being financially free and firing your boss,

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Glenda Coker is a Network, Internet and Affiliate Marketer. She is a Coach, Innovator and most importantly, a Mother full of integrity and love. Glenda is inspiring, enjoys traveling and connecting with like-minded individuals worldwide!

“Glenda blends creativity and innovation with organization and strategy.”

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