Zeek Rewards is Closed for Business

Zeek Rewards
Zeek Rewards

Zeek Rewards is No Longer in Business…

Zeek Rewards was recently shut down by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on fraudulent charges. The penny auction site had approximately one million investors which bought revenue to the company of roughly over $600 million dollars.

“Ponzi and Pyramid” scheme is what the practices of the company are being called. You can read all about it here:


Anytime a network marketing company is exposed for fraud or wrong-doing, it’s a sad day for marketers world-wide. It brings a bad name to the industry as a whole.

A lot of people get sucked into the idea of making easy money with little to no work involved. Some seek out to take the path of least resistance.

I must say that marketing is not a “get rich quick” kind of business. Hard work and dedication is the only way one will succeed and make it in this industry. There is no magic potion to success.

Network marketing can be a joy and profitable, if it is done correctly.

Do your diligent research and you will find that there are tons of legitimate online available business opportunities to join.

Feel free to contact me. Let me know what type of business you’re looking for and I’d be happy to provide a list for you.

Until next time, take care!

Glenda Coker
Business Marketing Coach