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[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”][/pullquote]In Conference Call Mastery*, I touched on the basics of how to set-up a conference call, choosing the best paid providers and free conference call services. Conferencing is a way to put a meeting together between people in the same or different geographical areas. It may be a conference meeting between co-workers to discuss a project, or a conference with potential business partners. Conferencing can be done through audio using only the telephone or through the web. 

Scheduling your conference call should be at a time that is convenient for all parties. When you are conducting a conference with people in different geographic areas, it is key to be aware of time zones. Mondays and Fridays are two of the busiest days of the week for most and are not good days to schedule a conference call. Afternoon calls should be 1 or 2 PM EST and evenings, 7 or 8 PM EST. The best time for an international conference call is 6 AM. Now, let’s discuss what to do before, during and after a conference call.

Before The Conference Call

Send out reminders the day before and an hour before the call. Make sure your headset or phone is working and you can hear clearly. If you are using your computer, make sure it is on and working properly. About 10 minutes before you go live, you want to test your phone number and pass-code to be sure you don’t encounter any problems.

During The Conference Call

Arrive a few minutes ahead of time so you can be on the line when new people join in. You may want to give everyone a few minutes to join the call. Some people may have experienced a bit of difficulty getting in. Use your phone commands per instructions given by your conference call provider. As stated in Conference Call Mastery*, you can mute everyone, control the volume etc. Stay focused, follow your agenda and be cognizant of the time. Attendees may not be able to stay after the designated end time. At the end of the call, if there are any questions, be sure to answer them.

After The Conference Call

Jot down any pointers you may want to implement in future calls. If the conference was recorded, email it to those that were unable to make it. Be sure to stay tuned for the do’s and don’t of conference calling. 

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