How to Create Your Own eBook

Do you want to create your own product but resist because of lack of money, time and expertise?

You can create your own eBook in just a single day and it won’t cost you any money. Website owners place articles in hundreds of directories. You can find nicely written articles by using the Google search engine. Search for article directories and/or niche content websites. Article writers do not mind sharing an article as long as you include their name as the author and website address for publicity.

When you contact a writer, let them know when and where you plan to use their article. Be up-front and as specific as possible. If you have a website yourself and would like to do an article exchange or guest blog, let the owner know this also. Always remember, no contact means no deal…period.

Not that anyone is non-trusting, but there are so many schemes out here, one must be careful not to fall into one. Once you get the okay, you’re ready to start putting articles in order to create your product.

The content page should contain an introduction page listing your articles. It should only be a few short paragraphs to let readers know in broad terms what the book is about. Add front and back pages to sell niche affiliate products if you have any. Don’t forget to put your name on your creation.

To turn your eBook into a PDF you will need software. You can go to pimoPDF and install it for free. You simply open your word processor and all your articles will be sorted in order. You will see your introduction, cover and contents page etc.

Click the file tab, print and select primoPDF as your printer and you’re done! Enjoy your new PDF eBook. You are the proud author and owner of an eBook product you can sell with resell rights or give away as a bonus. You have successfully positioned yourself as an expert! Well done!

Glenda Coker

Network Marketing Professional

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