(Your IP) Trails Which Could Spell Your Doom!

An IP address is a binary number that uniquely identifies computers and other devices on a Transport Control Protocol (TCP)/IP network. (Mitchell Bradley, a computer Professional on Computer Networks).

Imagine how difficult or easy, it would have been, if home-food / mail delivery servers were to be targeted by criminal stalkers, for something very special on them, one moment of their errands? Sneaking and grabbing them could have been easier one way and, difficult at another at such special moments in time.

What if these workers were identifiably marked/tagged with something, to make snooping on them easier? What if something identifiable, like coloured paint marks on footwear’s were to compromise them in their errands to delivery points and back to their stations (office or home) within a catchment community?

What about leaflets, flying off food delivery vans, to advertise a special menu from the service station points to client’s destination and back to these server’s homes at close of day, compromising their privacy by leading a stalker directly to where they spend most of their times.

Such tracking elements could be used by trackers and stalkers (and especially so, if the very strong tracking tools or materials were used) to track them to their homes for assault.  Stalking, truly, would have been difficult to pull out with a van, furtively tailing a victim to their locations, than the convenience of following a paint, or a leaflet trail. One, who habitually handles tasks by leaving trails and track elements,only opens the door wide,for intruders to invade and sabotage his stock of treasury and wealth.

Your personal IP always comes into play as your trails and the tracking elements in question, you could accidentally spill out for sniffers and snooker’s to chance upon, to spell your doom!

An IP address is given out either privately for use on LAN’s or, publicly for use on WAN’s. A public IP address is assigned your home computer or network router when you connect to the internet. (Mitchell). It is given as ones unique address to locate and communicate with all computers/servers on such networks. Two computer’s protocols must agree with each other, before they can communicate. These IP’s end up as trails that leads to the easy tracking of end-users as they surf their way deeper into the internet world to study products,purchase online etc.

IP’S Accessibility by You, Stalkers, Webmasters, Trackers, Sniffers

“They are easily traceable, just as your own effort can help you find yours. Everyone who needs to use a computer network should understand how to look up their own IP addresses” (Mitchell says). Our numerous visitations to various sites, need this Internet Protocol (our tracking element as discussed above) to communicate with these corresponding sites (the destinations of our mail and food services discussed above).

The visited website’s server’s, records these IP’s in log files anytime we visit. Any webmaster can conveniently, retrieve all recorded IP’s in his log files (especially, on spam visited sites) and use them for varied purposes including, handing them out to cruel hackers, stalkers or trackers. Your daily activities could be traced all the way to your home PC and eventually, company files and all that sequels. Your doom is only what you expect when such fate befalls you in the dark.

“As you visit Web sites or other Internet servers, that public IP address is transmitted and recorded in log files kept on those servers. Access logs leave behind a trail of your Internet activity.” (By Mitchell)

“There are extensive databases for tracking IP and location that can be found at http://www.ip2location.com. These database sure for sale and allow website owners or anyone to utilize them with scripts.” (VPN site)

IP’s come in varied forms, which could be static – assigned by system administrators to the computer; dynamic – assigned on the network by another device on demand. Most online application software’s and programs have specific IP’s which do run them thus an IP, responsible for email messages might come different from those used on browsers. “Our network routers, Web browsers, email programs, instant messaging software – all rely on IP or other network protocols layered on top of IP.” (Mitchell)

An end-user, browsing and using different applications online, at that point in time, is operating on multiple IP addresses layered on his normal IP, always leaving trails at the log files of sites visited, for just any webmaster to retrieve and utilize for any purpose: delivering unsolicited marketing ads (spamming) and, planting malware or, the sale of such location to rogues, when such IP, fall into the hands of evil webmasters.

“Besides Internet Protocol (IP) itself, higher-level protocols like TCP, UDP, HTTP, and FTP all integrate with IP to provide additional capabilities.” (Mitchell)

Some Factors Affecting IP’s (Function Specific, Location and Environment)
IP’s efficient functioning is also, largely dependent on these factors:

Function Specificity

Most refuse to function on certain commands, which explain why most IP’s will fail to respond or correspond with certain applications and online programs or, instructions (when such protocols hardly adjust /agree with each other).

Location Sensitivity

Certain remote sections hardly get vibrant transmissions on all transmissible IP’s, posing accessibility problems from such locations. Example; one might access yahoo mail conveniently, but not streaming a movie, at some secluded distant village.

The Environment One Transmits From

Certain environments might be foggy, snowy, sunny, crowdy, or stuffed so high that accessibility might pose a little difficult on certain transmissible IP’s for some programs and applications.
“Hundreds of different computer network protocols have been developed, each designed for specific purposes and environments.” (Mitchell)

How Static IP’s work!

Static IP’s, locks down all databases, software applications, websites etc to an IP level void of function specifics (open for all purposes), ensuring all data packages are delivered along one secured path without fear of falling into busy traffics which slows down speed. Having a secured private single road for getting to a city destination will soot any road user from the worries of busy traffics on the super highway. He’s always relieved to use this private road as free and frequently as possible without fear of impediments. Anonymity

This works by hiding the end-users IP, diverting all incoming traffic to a proxy server which assess and filters, before delivering to the end-users’ computer. The end-users’ IP is represented by the Proxy servers IP, making it difficult for any would-be intruder to achieve his mission. The proxy servers IP is what gets recorded in the log files of sites visited and if such proxies have the experts and works all the time, they could avert any harm one might want to inflict on them.

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