Six Important Tips to Protect Your Computer From Hackers

In the internet savvy world we live in today, you [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”][/pullquote]must be careful what you click on and download. Hackers are out here to invade your internet privacy and steal your identity.

What can the average user do to avoid the risks of computer hackers? Straight to the point, here are six important tips you can apply right away to protect your computer from being a target of invasion.

  When doing general searches on Google in the past, you were presented with a preview pane. You could hover your mouse over a link to preview the page before you clicked on it. Google has done away with it because of low usage.

1.Be cautious before clicking on a site. Notice the website address before clicking onto a link. Is it one you’ve seen before? If it is an affiliate link, does it appear legitimate? Do not be so quick to click on odd-looking links that display extra long verbiage and symbols.

2. Before you click, check out the site description. limit your clicks to customize only your relevant searches. When you type in a term or question in your search bar, Google, Yahoo and Bing will return relevant and highlighted words according to your search. If you are using search engines other than the top 3 listed above again be sure to check links and descriptions before you click.

3. Keep your firewall turned on. This helps protect your computer stored information, passwords and crashes caused by intrusive hackers.

4. Never leave your computer on all day/night and idle for too long. At the end of the day, shut it down and unplug all connections especially when hacking times are at their highest.

5. Be careful of what you download. Only download attachments from people you know and perform a scan with your anti-virus software before attempting to download.

6. Keep your system up to date by installing trusted anti-spyware. Perform regular scans to avoid or rid unwanted viruses.

So there you have it… six important tips to keep your computer safe from hackers. When you are surfing on the web, if a link doesn’t look right to you for some reason, be safe and don’t click it. Awareness is the key to keep viruses from invading, searches, files and passwords from being stolen. Practice these tips to reduce stress and increase safer web-surfing.

Glenda Coker is a Network, Internet and Affiliate Marketer. She is a Coach, Innovator and most importantly, a Mother full of integrity and love. Glenda is inspiring, enjoys traveling and connecting with like-minded individuals worldwide!

“Glenda blends creativity and innovation with organization and strategy.”

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