How to Get Tons Of Traffic to Your Content

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There are many ways to create massive amounts of traffic to your website. You’ve come to the right place if you are serious about getting more traffic to your content. I am going to provide you with a few basics you must follow before you begin. Once these strategies are implemented with consistency, your traffic volume should show a tremendous amount of increase.

Your content should be relevant to the specific target audience.

How popular is your site and how many back-links do you have linking back to your content? The content that gets seen the most is the content that will rise to the top of the search engines.

Give the people what they want. Provide relevant answers to what your audience is looking for. Make your content stand out and people will love it.

Develop bridges to your content through:

1. Social Bookmarking

2. Video Promotion

3. Article Marketing

4. After you write your content, do a 30 second video review pointing
your audience back to your article.


A simply great tool to use when writing an article online is This is a free tool that will place bookmarks on over 30 of the most visited social media sites.

Update: Onlywire has ended its free service. Currently two plans exist: 1. Pro plan starts out at $12.99 per month and 2. Enterprise plan starts out at $99 per month. Onlywire is still a great source to distribute your content for bookmarking.

You can develop those bridges I mentioned above on your own, which takes hours sometimes days to do. Or you can try out Automated Traffic which a tool that will do all of the aforementioned strategies for you. Go and check it out for yourself. It certainly has saved me a lot of time and I’m sure it will do the same for you.


Also, the Magic Submitter does all the aforementioned and allows you to do automated set it and forget it campaigns. Yet another tool that frees up your time on an instant. Take the trial offer, which is about 5 bucks for 30 days. It is 67 bucks a month thereafter, but is definitely well worth it.

As with any profession, you need your tools. No doctor can do an operation without using a scapula and other tools. No mechanic can repair a car without first diagnosing and fixing the problem, all of which require tools. Network and internet marketing is no different.

If you plan on making this your profession, somewhere down the line you will need tools. Some will be free and the more down the road you go, some tools will be purchased. I mention this because many fall short or decide to give up just when doors may have started to open. My advice to those who may be falling into this category is to “Never give up!”.

Quote from the great marketer Rob Fore:

“Don’t Let Cheap Keep You Broke”… Invest In Yourself

Glenda Coker