If You Can’t See It, You Can’t Achieve It

Can you see the painting on the wall?

It is a must for business owners to picture success if one is to be successful. For progression, goals should be pictured in the mind’s eye. A person cannot chase what they can’t visualize. Goals without a vision is just a dream, fantasy and illusion which is just wishful thoughts.

A belief system needs to have something for you to hold onto. If you visualize, your visions can turn into a reality.If you can’t see it, you can’t achieve it. It’s just that simple. This is why a lot people fail. They chase a dream that is not real in their mind and eventually give up hope.

For an entrepreneur to do their best, one must be able to see an outcome and envision it beforehand. The entrepreneur must keep in mind one important thing: the first business of any business or organization is to not only exist, but to prosper in all aspects. Incorporate all factors needed to draw focus and visualization completely into the mind. What a person can visualize, he or she can bring it to a reality.

Visualization makes a person feel connected. A picture is painted in the mind and one strives towards it. At last, you can see an opening at the end of the tunnel. If you cannot see an opening, in a given amount time, you will give up. You lose all hope that the end is waiting for you ahead. Without a clear picture, your goal is lost.

A person can build what I call an idea mind picture and turn it into a reality. The picture will becomes a touchable experience. One can smell this experience, touch, feel and own it. It’s theirs to won. They can now embrace what is real.

Picturing the opening at the end of the tunnel applies to any profession or accomplishment. Goals should be pictured as something real or they will have no meaning to the mind.

Take for instance a good leader. A leader must be able to convey a painted picture to their team to move them to action. If the team can see the logic and value of a project, then the team succeeds.

In the game of football, a quarterback must bring a visualized play to the team in order for his teammates to be motivated to score.

When a man dates a woman, he has to see her as his other half, beside him through thick and thin. He sees children, outings and the love and commitment his future wife will share with him. He sees the entire picture, a marriage filled with peace and serenity. He is now ready to make this vision a reality.

It is a known fact that people are influenced by past events; thus, the mind plays a huge part in future accomplishments. Some may look at anything they have no experience with as unobtainable. In order to break that notion, they must put up the reality of possibility in the mind. If  the possibility of success can be seen, they can move toward it. If success cannot be pictured, ideas will become abandoned altogether.

Picturization is more than just a simple snap shot. All senses are activated to form a total experience of future events. You can smell, feel, taste and see your visions spring into fruition. When you go shopping for a new car, you can smell the interior of the vehicle, feel the seats and hear the music the from the radio. Can’t forget the shiny paint job. Before you actually drive off with your purchase, you picture yourself driving your new car, going for a visit to show it off.

In conclusion:
If you visualize your goals, they will turn into a reality. The world is filled with possibilities. Share your visions with others you come in contact with. Build visions of life at home with your mate. Success will come, once you visualize it… Can you visualize your success? To start implementing these strategies, get access to this free training now. It will give you the heads up in visualizing your dreams and putting them into action.


Glenda Coker

Network Marketing Professional

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