Are you guilty of the Facebook Business Pitch?

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On Facebook, we all get friend requests. Right? How many of those friend requests are genuine? How many are just pitching business opportunities? At one time or another, you may have been a victim or even a pursuer.

Most of us have seen Facebook pages where one is constantly pitching their business opportunity. Logos and backgrounds may scream “Join My Opportunity”.

Well, you may be asking yourself a few questions right now. Isn’t Facebook for meeting, connecting with people, seeking and joining opportunities at choice?

Am I suppose to advertise my business on Facebook? If not, where do I connect and advertise? What exactly is a social media site?

According to, the word social media is described as:

Web sites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts:

Other social media sites will operate differently as far as advertising goes and so forth. I will mainly discuss the operations of Facebook. For starters, Facebook offers profile and business (formely known a fan page) pages. A Facebook profile page is to keep in touch with family, old friends and make new friend connections… Nothing more.

In the past, I’ve been guilty of crossing the line. I confused the heck out of some of my relatives who did not know anything about my business side and had no interest in learning about that side of me. That’s ok and I truly understand. Bottom line, business is fine in it’s own perspective place.. I never want to confuse anyone and I’ve sure learned not to do that.

To answer the questions above, a Facebook profile page is for meeting and connecting with people. As far as offering your business opportunity, a business page (formally called a Fanpage) is used and can easily be created here:

==> Check out the Facebook Create a Page site!


To advertise your business, you can create Facebook ads that are cost associated. Check out for common questions about setting up an advertisement. It’s not complicated at all. You can even call their customer service line to have someone walk you through the steps. Be sure to check out other social media sites to advertise as well.

There are hundreds of business groups to join.You can connect freely, offer your opportunity and get people to “like” and check out your business page.

Also, you have the option to link your Facebook business and profile pages together for easier navigation. I made the choice not to connect the two eventhough a lot of marketers do. It’s your personal choice if you want to connect the two.

A bit of advice, wait to get invited into someone else’s space. Don’t invite yourself. In other words,when you make a connection,(offer your friendship) on your profile page, don’t start pitching your business. People may become uncomfortable with you right off the bat. This is called “aggressive marketing”. You don’t want to be found guilty of practicing it. It is very unprofessional and causes the other person to think the only reason you made a friend connection, was simply to “make money”.

A profile page is the wrong place to pitch people into your business. But, if the two of you discover that you’re both in business and are open to a business discussion… go for it. After they are open to talking about business, invite them over to your business page. This is the simple way to do things without being intrusive.

Be discerning in everything you do and take into account how you would feel if you were the person on the receiving end. I hope I shed some light on this subject that so many of us fall prey to.

“People join people”, not businesses. This world has millions of interesting people. We all should take time to get to know others and on Facebook, put business in it’s perspective place. Feel free to connect with me on any of my sites and / or drop me a line just to simply introduce yourself and say, hello…

Glenda Coker

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