Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

While playing sports in high school, I was often told by my coaches to keep your eyes on the prize. The prize being to win. After high school lots of things change. What we think of as winning changes as do the prizes we want. But the basic principles of how to win stay the same.

Your prize may change from winning a sports game to:

  • Graduating college
  • Buying your first home…

There will always be things we want in life. Some are just a passing whim, others are real desires or prizes. When you come across one of those prizes, don’t let it slip away. Keep it in focus. Remembering what you want and why, so you can continue to move toward it step by step.

That is the essence of keeping your eyes on the prize. If there is something you really want, keep it in your thoughts. We often come up with great goals when feeling optimistic and strong, but then as life moves on, we get caught up in our routines and schedules. Suddenly a strong want or goal slips away.

Stay on your route… Keep your focus.

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35 Life Changing Ways

Here is a basic list of 35 Ways to Add More Inspiration to Your Life. Give them a try and come up with more on your own.

Dream bigger than you think is possible
Exercise everyday
Laugh and play
Have goals
Share your love
Share your talents
Share your strengths
Give value to others
Try something new
List 5 things that you ate grateful for
Smile at a stranger
Spend time in nature
Play with a puppy or kitten
Hold a baby
Do something that scares you
Pamper yourself – get a massage
See your chiropractor
Shut off the TV
Breath deeply
Start a journal
Host a party for people you enjoy spending time with
Learn something new
Spend time with your grandparents
Spend time with your parents
Read inspirational quotes, books, biographies
Give someone a hug
Spend an afternoon daydreaming
Fly a Kite
Catch a butterfly – then let it go
Sit quietly and listen to yourself breath and your heart beat
Build a snowman, knock it down
shovel a neighbors driveway
Call an old friend to catch up
Tell someone you love them

How many of these have you tried already?

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