Business Card Savvy

Having your very own business card is a must. [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”][/pullquote]It presents a professional image of your company that is unique to you and your business. There are different types of business cards to suit a particular kind of person or profession. I have listed several cards types below to get you started. Take time to determine which type matches you and your goals.

 Personal business cards

This is the most common type of card. It focuses on the profession and your personality; You the business owner. Various designs are widely available. Feel free to hand them out to family and friends as well as business acquaintances.

 Marketing business cards

This card can be created to advertise a certain product, service or event. Include your name, phone number, fax number, e-mail, street addresses and company logo if you have one. This information should be produced in font that is easy to read.

 Corporate business cards

A logo is usually imprinted on this card to represent your company. The logo is prominent and has a design perfect for the more formal and uniform minded corporate culture. These cards are usually given to important business contacts and potential employees.

 Trade business card

This card is for people in a particular trade or industry. If you are a retail manufacturer, your trade business card will usually be given to your competitors, suppliers and investors. Designs should be related or have a symbolism to the trade. If you are in the real estate business, why not print full color business cards in the shape of a house? If you are a baker you can choose to have a design in the shape of a cake, pie or bread. The business image you create will help people easily remember you and relate it to your industry.

 Above, I have presented to you the most common types of business cards available on the market today. Think of your business cards as tiny billboards that have the potential to attract just the right people at just the right time. Take your time to choose the right type for your business and you will be making contacts, relationships and business opportunities in no time.

Glenda Coker

Network Marketing Professional

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