7 Reasons Why You Should become an Internet Marketer

Here are 7 reasons why you should become an internet marketer

1. Internet Marketing is a highly paying career:

You can earn big commissions marketing other people’s products or services online once you learn how it is done. Some merchants will pay you as much as 75% of their product selling price. For example if a product or service is selling at $500 you will earn $375, i.e., (75% of $500 is equal to $375.)

2. You can use your potential competitors to profit big time:

Most affiliate programs allow you to recruit new affiliates for them. This gives you an opportunity to build your own marketing team known as sub-affiliates. You earn a commission from your sub-affiliates sales. The more sub affiliates your recruit the more money you will make.

3. Affiliate programs provide marketing tools:

A merchant who wants to make a lot of money online will create and develop highly effective marketing tools such as; banners, text links, classified ads, email promotions, product reviews and articles in order to help his or her affiliates sell the product or service easily and fast online.

4. Cookie tracking enables you to make money:

You may refer a customer to a merchant’s business website but he or she fails to buy on the first visit there. Due to cookie tracking if this customers comes back 2 years later you will still earn your commission. This is the beauty of affiliate marketing.

5. Internet marketing training opportunities are readily available:

You can easily train to become a professional online marketer within a relatively short time. There are many learning centers online that will teach you how to become a successful marketing guru. There are 3 ways you can learn this trade; self-study, hire an expert to teach you or you can join an internet marketing forum.

6. You can easily start your own marketing business:

It is easy to start your own online marketing business that requires minimum capital to start. There are many lucrative business opportunities on the online marketing niche market. A small research using Google suggest will reveal numerous niche opportunities on the larger online marketing market for you.

You can start a small business specializing on helping local business owners take their businesses online to expand their market reach.
7. Trained internet marketing professionals are in high demand:

Many businesses are now beginning to realize the importance of taking their businesses online. For them to take their local business successfully online they need a trained marketer to help them out. You can be become that local guy who serves locally as the local internet marketing consultant.

The author is an experienced and expert internet marketer based in Nairobi Kenya.

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