Allowing others to Change Links in your Articles

Have you ever thought about letting your readers put their own links in your articles, including the resource box? You may think it’s a crazy idea, but actually it’s quite beneficial. If you allow your readers to change links in your articles and put their own affiliate links in, your article will stay intact. In other words, your name and website link does not change so you still get acknowledged.

This method can become quite beneficial for you. Others will want to publish your articles. It benefits the both of you, but mainly you the writer gain the most exposure.

If your readers are allowed to put their own affiliate links in, they will be more apt to promote. It is also beneficial if you are a seller on ClickBank, Click2Sell or PayDotCom, (just to name a few), your affiliates can promote your articles and it’s a win for both of you.

Instead of just posting links or using other paid methods, promoting articles are a nice twist for any affiliate. Also, it would not hurt if you let your affiliates add their own information in the resource box.

Your author name is not be altered or taken off the article. It should be left in tack, only changing all the links and resource box. You are still noted as the author of the article. This method is great in increasing sales and your affiliates are happy also.

Marketing techniques change everyday. One must be willing to deviate from the “normal” and try out new innovative trending ideas and techniques to stay on top.

Glenda Coker

Network Marketing Professional

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